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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I thought this was PQ's wheels thread? We must know ALL!

How is your hand, PQ? Are you in a cast? I bet you're glad you got the automatic!
Hadn't thought of it that way. Ya, the auto is pretty sweet right now. hahaha, Hand hurts like a hurts.

Originally Posted by Nine Ball View Post
I'm not going to watch the finger vid.

Spinning wheel thread does have a little hi/low to it, but I've seen much worse balance out perfectly. I think my own 22s are worse than that, but they ride perfectly.
But even if they balance, if the rim is going up and down, the road will pick it up, right? The tire was going up and down as well. If the tire and rim aren't round, how can they ride good? I'm confused.

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