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Doug Thorley Shorty Headers - Dyno is In!

Here's the graph:

This actually shows a small drop in HP, but it looks to me as if for some reason the second run ended earlier than the first one, causing the HP peak to be cut off.

The good news is that there is some significant gains in both HP and torque across the rpm range. At 4300 rpm, the headers gave a 13HP increase and about 16.5 torque. The torque gains are even greater lower down. At 3K rpm it looks like the torque numbers went from 185 to 215, for a gain of 30.

The overall before numbers seem in the right range to me, based on other dyno sheets I've seen for the automatic. This was run on a Dynojet, as you can see at the top of the graph.

Also, for those wondering, my car has a full 2.5 inch DT Catback system which was constant for both runs. I have no other mods besides changing the oil (Mobil 1) and the diff. fluid (Amsoil Severe Gear).

If anyone is interested in these, there will be a run of them. Not sure how big it will be at this moment. You can contact Nick @ Doug Thorley 951-733-1744 and put yourself on the list.

I'm picking up the car in the AM. I'll report on the butt dyno feel and sound tomorrow. Maybe even some video if I get back from the Costa Mesa meet early enough.

Update: I've added a link to a new video below.
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