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Transformer-ization of my Rally Yellow 2LT / RS

Got a Rally Yellow 2LT / RS, no stripes or TF Package. But, big TF fan, and really got this car because of the connection to TF. So I am going to build it out to have a TF theme over time, using some of the Chevy TF elements, and some of my own. Will try to update first post in thread with all the pics as I move forward. So here we go!

First Day! Stock!

First Mod! - Quick and cheap.

Second Mod! - Thanks

Third Mod! - Stripes. Uh Oh...

Got the extended Bumblebee rally stripes from, gloss black. Didn't like how the factory ones stop pre-fascia. However, there was a mishap somewhere, and the extensions aren't applied/cut right. So, vinylgraphics is re-cutting those pieces, and will have them re-installed soon. Trunk and spoiler came out great tho IMO tho.

Farked Up Images Removed...

Transformers Logo Interior - Here's where the real customizing begins...

Transformers Logo Exterior - Little off, gonna put an Autobot logo to the left of the T to balance it out. Or remove and redo.

GM Autobot Wheel Caps. Thanks to NVMY68SS from Camaro5 for the hook up!

Fixed the Rally Stripes up front.

Defenderworx Billet Gill Inserts. - Applied the vinyl versions twice, once by the professional shop that did my stripes, and once by myself. Both wound up frakked up. So I caved and got the metal versions show below. They really look sharp, much better than the vinyl/sticker versions. Hard to tell in pics, I know.

Blackouts - Added static cling blackouts to the sidemarkers and turn signals. I dig these from a distance, and like the fact you can remove and re-apply them at will. Good in case you get pulled over or for inspection times.

Transformers Door Sills - Finally.

Transformers Edition Autobot Fender Badges - Finally Too.

Custom Plate - Thanks State of PA!

Next up...

-- Ride Tones Installation (In hand, need to install)

And Later...
-- Yellow/TF Engine Dress Up
-- TF Themed Engine Cover
-- Scorch Yellow Door Panels/Dash kit from Chevy.
-- Window Tint (?) - PA is sketchy with that.
-- HID DRL replacement - Maybe.

I'll keep you updated. Later!

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