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Originally Posted by stlrammer View Post
My car has been getting a lot of attention at work and home. I was under a shade tree the other day applying the first coat of wax and I had neighbors, delivery people, mailmen, etc. stopping by and laying down tons of compliments. I get similar attention just driving around. Its a really fun car that is reasonably priced with great standard options
and cool to look at too. This synergy green color must have caused someone to notice as it will be available on all camaro lines in 2011.

Hmmm I thought it would be a little too soon to wax the car I don't really Know 2 much about that but from what I heard you shouldn't wax for about 6mo-1yr.(if it's a new car that is) Just curious what made u want to wax the car as appose to jay washing it. Please forgive me Im not too familiar with the waxing process. I myself have washed it about 3/4x already.
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