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Originally Posted by Cole@Fastlane View Post
This will always be a debate of which one is better between gear heads.

My two cents is this

Why add more parasitic drag to the engine by driving a supercharger off of the crankshaft when you can use the exhaust waste to drive a turbocharger? The whole purpose to adding pressure to the intake is the addition of power and torque so why give up any to run a charger when you can charge the intake without the loss of any power?
Well....speaking as the guy that sells arguably the nicest and best laid out twin turbo kits on the market - and the past owner of Paxton Superchargers, (also designed the Novi-2000) Nothing is really free.

The exh manifolds on most turbo systems could be deemed as restrictive when compared to long tube headers - so 1 could argue that the exhaust system on a turbo car “robs power” vs. good long tube headers. But following your line of thinking, yes I agree Turbos are more efficient lb for lb in most applications. And I still ay the Magnuson has more guts below 2500 then any turbo system – after that the turbo is king – they both have there place
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