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Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
Well....speaking as the guy that sells arguably the nicest and best laid out twin turbo kits on the market - and the past owner of Paxton Superchargers, (also designed the Novi-2000) Nothing is really free.

The exh manifolds on most turbo systems could be deemed as restrictive when compared to long tube headers - so 1 could argue that the exhaust system on a turbo car “robs power” vs. good long tube headers. But following your line of thinking, yes I agree Turbos are more efficient lb for lb in most applications. And I still ay the Magnuson has more guts below 2500 then any turbo system – after that the turbo is king – they both have there place
1st of all i never said it was free but you said it all for me anyway.after 2500rpm the turbo is KING i mean really who cares about idle to 2500.

I dont think anybody is going to start racing but making you shift at 2500 rpm anytime soon.

Turbos are more efficient lb for lb PERIOD.....
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