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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
Would anyone agree that it depends on application?

If I'm towing, do I need that power/torque down low?

If I'm racing, will that power/torque doen there get me off the line quicker?

Will being a little softer down low help me come off the line easier and help me plant the power?
I love how you spell your state and city.

If you are towing you just tighten up the aspect ratio of the turbine side to light the turbo quicker.The faster you want to spool the turbo the tighter you get the a/r.In a racing application you open up the a/r for higher rpm power but it wont light up as quick.

If superchargers were better for towing i think all the diesel manufacturers would be using them but they stopped using them and went to turbos in the 1970s and have never looked back.

There is absolutely no application where a supercharger is going to out perform a turbo.

It comes down to what you like.I personally would rather just keep an eye on the egt guage than have to worry about belt tensioners, 8 or 10 rib set ups with all the pulleys, and worrying about belt slipage.
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