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Well, after being in the RK Sport Booth for the SouthWestern Family Reunion show at Steve Millen in Costa Mesa, I have a few new pictures to show off.

I got about 4 hours of sleep in 3 days preparing and helping out with for this event, driving to LA right after work at 3am, getting to Haddad Motorsports at 9am. They installed my Pedders Xa coilovers and Mike gave me a lesson on suspension while I was there for the day. He even took me on his infamous test track and showed me the differences, and when my car was done, I could feel the differences exactly where he said I would. Mike's a stand up guy who really knows his cars and loves his job of building them.

After coilovers were installed, a local guy named Benny who had tinted TripleB's car and Yoshi's car, came out from Culver City to tint my windows on the spot and did an awesome job tinting my windows. The car was ready for the show, or so I thought.

I ended up crashing on someone's couch so I didn't have to get a hotel, and was able to take a few shots of the sunset and both our cars in her driveway. Staying at the Hollyday Inn was very cozy and the owner really made me feel welcome during my stay. Thanks Hoddi!

That night, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, Trevor (Tlong_927) calls and says he has some goodies for me. He comes over and installs my show panel and gives me my matching dash plaque. Now the car is really ready for the show.

The next morning, I'm up at 6:15, and lounge around while I wake up. I get to Stillen about 8:15 and start setting up for the show. About 30-45 minutes later, caravans start rolling in, and it becomes a madhouse. Dyno Runs, free food provided by the SoCal Family (VERY BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE in SoCal), Raffles by all the vendors, and a big facility with lots of parking filled up the day. I had a blast and can't wait for the next one. I wasn't able to go to C5Fest, but this was the next best thing in my opinion. I wish I had gotten to meet more people, but everyone was just walking around looking at cars and didn't seem to be in the mood to say hi.

I was able to meet Brandotron and see his powerful tie of awesomeness. We'll have to get some games of Super Street Fighter 4 in man.

Late in the day, we had the supercharger challenge where stock cars with different brands of superchargers were put on the dyno. With only 2200 miles on my car, my three pulls showed a max of 517rwhp/461rwtq, so I'm happy and prochargers claim of 525 rwhp is holding true. Spoke with Brian at Vortech afterwards, and we might have something in the works.

Anyways, here are some of the pics I was able to take. Everyone posted their pics of the show in the official thread, but I didn't many pictures of the show, and everyone that I did, have already been posted, so here are pics of my car as I think it only made a background shot of one pic in the official thread.
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