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There's so much hypocrisy in this article that I can't stand it. There are attacks on the big V8, but has anyone noticed that the only V8s being reamed are American? All over the world, V8s are being made. The US makes a lot of them, but don't tell us that our V8 came out at the wrong time because it seems as though every company is releasing new cars between 2009 and 2011. Many of those have V8s. Additionall, gas has plummeted in value. I expect that demand will remain low for a long time and that Americans have decided that 2 major market scares in a lifetime is enough to start switching to alternative fuels. Finally, this author has no respect for competition. When the market was bad for Chevrolet, it was also bad for Ford, and talking about bad Chevys can be easily countered with stories about Escorts falling apart or Thunderbirds with mundane design cues. Chevrolet has some of the highest quality ratings available, so talking about rattling interiors or competing with the 4-year-old Mustang just shows that Ford can't keep up. It's like the heckler at the football game who reminds the opposing team of a 20-year-old scandal. It has nothing to do with the current game, and the game between Chevy and Ford is becoming a massacre. I don't need to tell you who is winning.
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