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Originally Posted by sfgiantsfan9 View Post
I am looking at purchasing a set of lowering springs for my SS. I think I have it narrowed down to these brands just from reading so many threads. It seems like Pfadt and Pedders are both highly recommended. Haven't heard too much about H&R but I like how low they set their drop. Main thing I am concerned about is I want at least a 1.25" drop but I want a firm and sporty but not harsh ride. Can anyone tell me anything about these springs that will put one over the top of the rest so I can finally get these things ordered? Thanks.
Hi sfgiantsfan9,

It sounds like your requirements for a spring were taken directly from our product description!! The Pfadt drop springs have a 1.25" drop, which in our experience is the lowest that we could go with out negatively affecting ride quality. The ride quality on our springs is firm, but no where near harsh. The spring rate is increased a moderate percentage, but these are not for a race car. These drop springs are for the performance street enthusiast, looking for a sporty feel and performance for spirited driving, and occasional auto-x and track use.

Plus, our springs fit Camaros BEFORE and AFTER the GM spring change for the Camaro. Not all manufacturers do. So this is something to keep an eye out for. Unless, of course, you decide to go with our springs

Contact me with any more questions you have on our products. Thank you for considering us on your Camaro!

By the way, how about the Giants putting down Halladay last night?

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