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Originally Posted by FRIDAY1313 View Post
Hey that was Great I was going to get some custom wheels from them too! I will wait to see how your order goes! Let me know how satisfied you are with the rims and tires Thanks
Check the 350Z forums and some others before you do.

Originally Posted by BLK2SS View Post
Yep...I'm still waiting on a refund for the LS7 wheels that aren't going to be made now.
Seems to be the big knock with reveiws.
good luck with that.

Originally Posted by RedJewel2SS View Post
i contacted them about some wheels a while back, and they were being way too pushy, asking if i was ready to send in a deposit in every email. and i knew from the start that something like this would end up happening with me just by their tone and how everything just sounded like a bad sales pitch.

after seeing this and the big thing with the LS7 wheels, i know they won't be the company i will be ordering wheels from.

I have been very quiet about my breif experience with Iconz and Mitch. Maybe I shouldn't have been. I'll leave it alone and just say that I wouldn't order from Iconz, ever. Trust me on this.

And guys, just google these companies. You can find info that will help you decide.

I'd hate to have been able to warn someone away from a bad situation and didn't. Like in in this case.

OP, sorry this has happened. Good luck. There is a case on another forum between Mitch and a buyer that, last I checked, was going on for aver 9 months.
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