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Originally Posted by 454lsxss View Post
I will admit, the Mustang GT with a supercharger that has 15 lb's of boost would be faster than a Camaro SS stock. But after intake and exhaust on my Maro', your screwed again. Not to mention needing a new engine cause 15 lb's on a FORD = BOOOOM

All I have to say is if I can beat NEW GT's in my 07 TC....I probably won't even waste the gas once I have my Camaro, since I consider it's direct competitor the GT500, even though they aren't in the same range, putting a stock GT against a stock SS isn't a fair battle.
what do you mean. you can get a warrantied supercharger from Ford that's good for 500 crank HP. the SOHC 3V internals are good with stock clutch up to 550 crank. the one thing you'll need to change are the brakes. the dang engine has been one of the top 10 engines for four years now; its a good piece of machinery.
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