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Originally Posted by Georgie View Post
what do you mean. you can get a warrantied supercharger from Ford that's good for 500 crank HP. the SOHC 3V internals are good with stock clutch up to 550 crank. the one thing you'll need to change are the brakes. the dang engine has been one of the top 10 engines for four years now; its a good piece of machinery.
I was being somewhat sarcastic. All i'm saying is I watched my friends Kenne Belle Cobra blow up inside of the hood. blew the latches off. Also, for some reason most cars I see on fire are Fords, particularly Mustangs. And as for the motor being a good piece of machinery, that may be true that it's "good" but they haven't changed the damn thing other than a tweak here or there in effin' 50 years! and now they are bringin the 5.0's like they are stuck on those two motors...Part for part, Camaro beats the current Mustang that's out now. Also, the 4.6 really sounds puny IMO, kinda like if a 4 banger and a 350 had sex, the 4.6 would pop out.
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