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Originally Posted by JProberts View Post
So tell me Nineball if someone wanted some ICONZ wheels through you, where would you get your delivery time from? Would you also go through one of there sales guys like Mitch or do you have some other arrangement? Just wondering, I've already placed my order so I'm just waiting.
If someone wanted to order wheels from me, I would get an estimated production time from the brand sales rep, then I usually add about 2-3 weeks on top of that quote

Like I said, I'd rather estimate long and hope for better. Nothing sucks worse than getting your hopes up on an early delivery date and then having to count each passing day they are late. I don't like those emails/calls from my customers, so I prefer to be honest.

For example, if you called and told me you wanted custom billet wheels in 4 weeks, I'd kindly reply that it is not possible and wish you the best of luck in finding someone who can do that. The key word being "do" that, and not just one who will "say" that.

Quite a few sales guys from numerous brands have under-quoted deliveries in the past to make a sale. I won't do that.

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