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TPE Kenne Bell Camaro results!! Pics and Video! H@ly SH@T!!!

As featured on CAMARO5 HOMEPAGE.

Hey Guys,

In keeping with our tradition of scaring the hell out of our customers with high HP, FAST Kenne Bell cars, we have suceeded with this new 2010 SS2 RS. It is the proud child of member "Spankt U".

All I can say is HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!

This thing is a freaking animal...

First off, we show EVERYTHING in the video, in order to answer most everyones questions. We ran every single run at 192* engine temp, and the blower was hot hot hot. We had little to no cooling, and the IAT's were in the mid 130's. So this was by far no "Cool down run". If anything, it was the exact opposite. I would have preferred to run it with the blower cooler, as it doesnt normally run that hot on the street. Its just that we had done multiple back to back runs, with no cool down time. We also ran it with the hood closed.

This run was witnessed by Cody of Wicked HP (Thanks for hangin out with me Cody) Our VERY FIRST pull, made 573rwhp, 540lb torque. We logged boost at 7.54lbs. We have video, datalogs, and pictures if anyone cares to see. This was on the stock KB tune. The a/f was between 11.5 and 11.6:1

Our highest rwtq, was actually the run previous to this one. We made 567lbtq. . But we had a little knock at 6200, so I scaled it back 2*.

In the end, I got this bad boy making 582rwhp 544rwtq. . I guarantee you, had Cody not had reservations for his steak dinner tonight, I could have broken the 600rwhp, 550rwtq mark. I had another pulley, that I was gonna run, that would have put me at about 9psi, and I am 100% positive I could have pulled 620rwhp, 585-590rwtq. .

We are sitting extremely conservative, seeing a MAX of 11.6:1. Our logs show an average pf 11.46:1 (were commanding 11.5). Had we gotten a little more aggressive with timing, and played with fueling, we would have gotten there, But we were going for a daily driven street car, that would survive on 89 octane if necessary.

The car is running Doug Thorley shorties, and their catted street exhaust. History tells us that shorties do nothing but take money out of the buyers wallet on these LS motors. Had we had Long tubes, a good catback, and played with the tune some more, we would have definately been in the 620 range with 8psi. 9-10 psi, and we would have been in the 630-650 range.

But hey, Im sure he can be happy with 582rwhp 544rwtq on a virtually STOCK car, with only 7.34psi..Boys and girls, that is OVER 700hp at the flywheel using an 18% loss factor. At 15% it IS 700hp.

So Steve, is a 700hp Camaro enough for you buddy????

Sorry Gary, but you've been De-throned.. (just playin buddy)

We will be sure to post up STD numbers so they can be compared against a few other graphs on this board that use the higher STD correction factor. STD should put us around 606rwhp 567rwtq.

Good luck on your new found power Steve. TPE is NOT responsible for large quantities of speeding tickets. Wait a minute, yeah we are.....


Last Week, whiole we were driving out to Socal to pick up 8 more boxes of Kenne Bell blowers, we stopped off in Apple Valley, Ca to do a quick courtsey pick up for a fellow member SPANKT U.

We figured some of you guys would like to see some build up shots, so you can see whats involved in the install. Unfortunately, getting one of my mechanics to actually take chronological pictures is near impossible, so your gonna have to put 2 and 2 together..

The car is a BEAUTIFULL SS2 RS, with next to no miles. Its soo clean you could eat off of it.

It currently has:

Doug Thorley shorty headers
Doug Thorley cat back
Hurst shifter

Were installing:

Kenne Bell 2.8 Supercharger (Polished)
Lowering Springs

We have a ton more pictures being loaded, as shes already completed, so check back soon for the final product, along with the dyno numbers.

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