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First off, those are impressive numbers for not having anything more done to the car!

Originally Posted by Total_Perf_Eng View Post
We are sitting extremely conservative, seeing a MAX of 11.6:1. Our logs show an average pf 11.46:1 (were commanding 11.5). Had we gotten a little more aggressive with timing, and played with fueling, we would have gotten there, But we were going for a daily driven street car, that would survive on 89 octane if necessary.
What would you say the average timing is in the WOT area of the timing table? I'm sitting around 15-16 degrees and I don't see any knock but I'm also a little richer than this car at ~11.1:1 at WOT. How much am I leaving on the table with the extra .4-.5 of fuel that I have? I'm tuning my car myself so I'm sneaking up on the peak power very slowly.

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But hey, Im sure he can be happy with 582rwhp 544rwtq on a virtually STOCK car, with only 7.34psi..Boys and girls, that is OVER 700hp at the flywheel using an 18% loss factor. At 15% it IS 700hp.
I'm surprised at how much more power the KB makes over the TVS. I wonder if the size is a factor or if they are significantly more efficient? I have a 2300 and I've only got 6.5 lbs of boost with a super conservative tune and I would guess I'm making right around 500 rwhp to the wheels.

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Good luck on your new found power Steve. TPE is NOT responsible for large quantities of speeding tickets. Wait a minute, yeah we are.....
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