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Originally Posted by Evilangel View Post
I know headpunter had mentioned previously that if you deactivate the AFM and do a tune the L99 pretty much equals a LS3. What I'm wondering is this - will GM and the aftermarket create performance parts like headers, heads, and cams specific to the L99 so that way you don't HAVE to deactivate the AFM? Also another question - does AFM hurt the performance aspect of the car?
as pertaining to the AFM thing.

no it wont hurt the performance of your car. it only kicks in at times of low stress on the motor. so if you have your foot in it you arent going to be gimped by it. when i drive our new tahoe with afm, i cant even tell the difference. It shifts modes so seamlessly that i can only tell by the little gauge in the DIC.
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