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Yeah, I know. When I told her what the new LS was capable of, she thought I was referring to a new Z/28.

I simply lol'd and showed her the 1SS I've written up for a later order, and she keeled over. Needless to say, she thinks the LS may be too much car and almost unworthy of the NPSA moniker, especially when her old one barely put out 200HP. In the end she is going to get the LS, because it's cheaper and she doesn't feel the need for a V8 at her age (only 51 lol). I still scoff at that idea. :(

On the side note, my dad is still waiting for them to release a true Z/28 so that he can get his rebuilt and ordered from the factory, like he did his old '79 (Which sadly was a 350 NPSA as well). Camaros have a true history in this family, and I'm going to carry that on with my 1SS.
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