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Hey Rick,

Yeah I felt kinda lame knowing I left the gas station wayyyyyy before you, and you still caught up to me. Here im in a 700hp Camaro, and your in a Kia, yet you still passed me.. Soo, you saw me getting lost huh?? haha.. I heard you honk, I flashed the lights back at ya.

Funny story, last week, I was picking up a car for another customer of mine from Wyoming (14 freaking hour drive). He later sent me a text on my cell phone telling me he wanted his money back because he just witnessed me getting passed by a lady in a PT cruiser. lol!! Here im in a C6 Z06, and Im getting passed my a lady in a PT??? DOH....

Yes, you will never be concerned that Im speeding. Im like an old lady on public roads..

I agree, his car is Bad-to-the-bone!!!!
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