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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Congrats on the replica. Too bad it won't help you win Fantasy football this year...
Oh noooo you didn't just go there...

Originally Posted by Nine Ball View Post
Looks great Mike! Now I won't have to see a twin of my CGM car driving around the Woodlands
Wasn't enough room for 2 of us and besides yours was faster...

Originally Posted by guiLT View Post
That poor CGM! :( Anyway. I'm sure it'll go to a good home. CONGRATS ON THE NEW CAMARO!
I sure hope so... I left a secret note in the trunk for someone down the line.

Originally Posted by badgebunny View Post
WOOT! I am so glad its here! ITS SO PRETTY! You were just jealous of my orange one and had to top me didn't you. lol. Now next time I see halos in my rear view mirror I will have to remember that you have an orange car. lol.
The stripes are a dead give away now... no more looking for the 5th Gen plate..
Originally Posted by CynAgain View Post
Please don't encourage Mindz... He's still a student of mine in Fantasy Football....

Originally Posted by Trappistbrew View Post
Awesome Mike! She looks beautiful. When I get mine we will have to find a way to get together, but for now, enjoy her! I'm still waiting...
We will definitely make that happen... Go Chargers!!!

Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
Looks great man. Welcome to the best color club!
Meh... it's growing on me after hanging around yours..

Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Verrrry nice!!!!! That is a beautiful car.
Thanks 3... GREAT meeting you at C5 fest.

Originally Posted by SS-Eric View Post
Very Nice!!!

Originally Posted by Duke View Post
Looks great Mike. Strips are cool, too. When do the headers and Corsa go on?
Vararam, ARH, Corsa, BMR springs & sways, D2Forged Wheels, radar detector all ready to go on, but not necessarily in that order. I think radar needs to be first...

Originally Posted by little_bank_robber View Post
Congratulations! Gorgeous!
Thank you more pics coming...
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