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Owner's comments and review

Okay, I have had the car now for 3 days and have put a hundred or so miles on her so I thought I would share my comments on the results of the build.


First of all, I had several friends and acquaintances who were aware of the build and when I announce the vehicle was completed, most of them came over to see her. Without exception, when I opened the hood to my car, The remarks were 100% positive. There were comments ranging from "OMG", "Holy Sh@t" and a couple of buddies were only able to produce a quick intake of breath followed by a simple and elongated and indecipherable moaning sound..... Kinda gave me the creeps... The blower does look fantastic in there. It's like a monstrous diamond mounted on top of a platinum ring; you can't miss it and in the light, it does take your breath away.

Normal driving

When starting the car, it fires up just like normal, has a throatier sound (Thanks Jeff, I think you blew out some of the insulation in those Doug Thorley mufflers during dyno time. I was always disappointed that they were a bit too quiet to begin with and now they are almost perfect ) and instead of a jump in revs with a slow settling, it jumps and settles a much quicker. I'm thinking: Nice tune.

Stick it into first gear and slowly drive it around to warm it up and I notice a little bit of bucking. Not enough to be detrimental, but enough to be a little annoying. I think this is due to the larger injectors and fuel load-up when cold and/or at parking lot speeds (under 7MPH). It eventually warms up and the bucking gets less annoying. Okay, so I can live with a little bucking. Afterall, i just dumped 200+ RWHP on top of an already healthy motor. What did I expect? No changes? This isn't a Kia afterall...

So it's warmed up and I am driving it like a normal Camaro SS/RS (whatever Normal for a car like this is. I guess I should say I am driving it like a normal car, say; a KIA ). The power is smooth and feels like the car I was used to except the throttle response is WAY MORE eager, and you can just FEEL the power wanting to manifest itself.

Mind you, I have not dropped the gate and the blower is still mostly bypassing. It's a lot of fun even to drive around town still. I am feeling like a kid hiding some matches and an M-80 firecracker behind my back, hardly able to wait to get away from the house so I can go blow it off without Mom and Dad knowing!


Okay, So I get to a sufficiently deserted street and roll into the throttle with the Traction control off as well as the "Keep-your-car-right-side-up" button off. There are few words to describe the feeling of what took place and even less that wouldn't get me banned for at least a week on this Forum. When the gate slammed shut it was like someone let go of a bungie cord! INSTANT and ever increasing speed, never lightening up! I did not time it but it felt like I got to 100MPH in about 3 seconds!

My 15 year old son muttered his first profane word in my presence as the car took off like a rocket! His profanity was quickly followed by:

"This should be ILLEGAL!"

Now you need to understand the significance of his inappropriate comment so let me elaborate. I have raised my kids on high HP motorsports. We have been a fan of the sand dunes most of their lives and I have had more than my share of mid 5 to low 6 figure dollars sandcars: LS1 Whippled, LS2 KB'd, LS6 twin turboed, well, you get the idea....

These kids have been launched 7 feet in the air for up to sixty feet at a time, 15+ second wheelies up sand dunes, WOT pulls around Sand bowls as big as the Yankee stadium, and 70MPH runs through whoops that would rattle a Hummer to down to its basic components. What I am saying is that my son is not that easily impressed. But I digress....

During this first street pull, I was rolling around 15 so I started the pull in second. FORGET second! There is no hook up AT ALL in second! Just lots of blue smoke. I slam it into third and the wheels are STILL smoking but I can at least feel it grabbing a little. I hit the appropriate RPMs and dropped it into 4th. Okay, this is more like it! I have mostly hook up but every tiny little lift in the smooth road that causes even the slightest negative G puts the car back into wheel spin causing me to have to back off to get hookup again. OMG! Maybe my son is right and this SHOULD be illegal!


What a rush! I am VERY pleased and can't wait to eat that damn Roush P-51 Mustang down the street that blew my doors off the first week I got my Camaro (What did I know? afterall, I thought a Mustang was a Mustang? ) NOW, I can't wait introduce him to the meaning of resect! LOL! All in friendly good humor of course..

Combined driving

So I took it down to my office the next morning which entails a stretch of 35 miles of freeway driving. Unfortunately, no one was chumming for a Camaro that morning so I wasn't able to feed my Camaro her morning Mustang or Challenger for breakfast. I don't think she minded but I sure did... Where's a cocky MOPAR driver when you need one? J/K!

Anyway, it feels just like it used to on the freeway until you step into the throttle JUST enough that she starts to pull and then it's like an addiction. You just HAVE to keep rolling into that throttle!! You CAN'T HELP YOURSELF! You can't CONTROL IT! IT'S LIKE TWILIGHT ZONE OR LOOKING AT A TRAIN WRECK!!! MUST-HAVE-MORE!!!!!!! DAYUM! The SC kicks in and you are jerked back into your seat! What a feeling!

My neck hurts....


1. DO NOT HORSE AROUND WITH YOUR SUPERCHARGER IF YOU ARE NOT IN COMP OR ALL COMPUTERS OFF MODE!! If you forget to push the button at least once the ABS makes the car feel like it's going into epileptic seizure trying to keep it from breaking loose and it never gives up! Please don't ask me how I know this... I wish someone could set up the programming so that it starts out in Competition mode instead of granny mode. That would be good.

2. I am going to have to replace the tires much more often.

3. I now have a new weak link in the half-shafts.. Heavy duty shafts are next on my list.

In short, I am very pleased with my blown Camaro and I believe I made a great choice in the Kenne Bell. In my opinion, it is the sexiest blower on the market and the response, both aesthetically and performance-wise is more than I expected. I hope she holds up!

Thanks Jeff for the great job in putting my Dragon-Lady together. I could not be happier! I hope you guys find this review useful if not a little entertaining.

Steve aka SPANKT U
2010 2SSRS Inferno Orange Metallic
It's stock, I swear!
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