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Originally Posted by jpack View Post
Man I am getting so tired of the central Fl. dealerships. I e-mailed two about SG's they had listed as available on the Chevy website & just visited a third. The two have never responded accept to say that they have received my email and I would hear from them shortly, and the third had put almost a $7000 up charge on the car raising its price to over $35000 on a $28,600 sticker. This added on to the dealership that never processed my order on the 2lt that I ordered last summer, I am ready to give up on Chevy altogether. Just cant pull the trigger on a Mustang, but man I didn't think that Chevy was doing so well that they could push potential customers away so easily. Are these Synergies so hot that they can demand a $5000 market adjustment? What the heck...

u have to get off the email and just go in person tell them your not paying more than msrp if not no deal. if they dont have it in stock they can send it from any dealer in fl that has it. the one in miami just shipped there synergy to a person in ft.myers..lucky me=) .. good luck dont give up especially for a butstang.. ull love the green
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