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Stock body race car, throw back paint scheme.......


Originally Posted by SimC33 View Post
If you look at the SEMA race car. That color is Imperial Blue if im not mistaken...AND if you haven't caught this yet let me point it out. That blue race car has the SS front end! So is this a sign that by time our orders go in and start production we may be able to order Imperial Blue? I know this is a SEMA car and these cars are something you can never order, BUT this factory color is on an SS! Im that much more excited to have GM confirmation of availability of Imperial Blue on our SS's
Slow down there, buddy.

I'm damned near positive that that car did not leave the production line with that paint. Riley Engineering probably farmed out the paint for this car after they finished the Koni Challenge prototype. If the car was sprayed on the factory line with factory paint, there'd be blue in the interior.
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