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Spohn Del-Sphere Trailing Arms Installed

SoÖwith my first trip to the race track I could not get my car to do anything but wheel hop all through 1st and part of 2nd. I came back to the forum and got some good info on how to help prevent wheel hop when launching. One of the things is to install some aftermarket Trailing Arms. The two different Mfgs recommended were BMR and Spohn. I was going to go with BMR because others had used them with a lot of luck and I had never heard of Spohn but after I watched the video on their Del-Sphere product and talking with one of their techs I was sold. They cost me $213 to my door and after getting them I can say I was extremely impressed by how well it was built and it looks like itís worth every penny. Itís a very nice piece and I would recommend it to anyone wanting some Trailing Arms.

The install was every easy. An 18mm socket and wrench, some bearing grease, a crescent wrench (maybe), and a torque wrench should be all you would need. While I had the car in the air I did a few things but the trailing arm install only took about 30-45 min. Since they are shipped set to the same length as the factory Trailing Arms an alignment shouldnít be needed.

Here are some pics. The only issue I had was that one side the Del-Sphere end didnít quite fit. A slight pull from the crescent wrench on the mounting bracket fixed that with ease.

It will be a couple weeks before I can get back to the track and Iíll report back after I do so. I just thought these were extremely nice and wanted to share so others could see. Iíll probably get the Toe Links eventually but I was told the Trailing Arms are what really make a difference.
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