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Originally Posted by fcu678 View Post
I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I want a 1" or 1.25" drop but I don't want a harsh ride (we love to travel to Camaro events ) and I would prefer to not cut the bump stops. Is this something that Pfadt suggests or do they actually require cutting them? If I choose Pfadt and don't cut them what can I expect?
Hi fcu678,

I'd like to explain why we reccommend cutting the bumpstops in our procedure. Our Pfadt drop springs provide a 1.25" drop approximately. As a result of this change in static ride height, the usable region of the damper travel is offset, to be approximately 1.25" lower. The Camaro has a very limited amount of bump travel to begin with, before contacting the OEM bumpstops. We recommend to trim 1" from the bumpstop in our installation procedure to give you back that 1.00" of damper travel, that is not influenced by the added spring rate of the bump rubber. We leave some bump stop in place to give a rising rate on big hits. Because dampers function by resisting the shaft velocity, this offset operating region has no negative effects on the component durability, or performance. Just ask all of our customers who have done this, and love the ride and performance as a result of it.

This conclusion was made from testing, and experiencing harsh bump characteristics that some have mentioned, who have not cut them. This of course, is just our position in regards to our own product installation. I hope that helps clarify the reasoning.
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