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Hey guys thank you for recommending our products. It just looks like the different manufacturers of rear trailing arms for the new Camaro have attacked it from different perspectives, thats all! Caverman obviously did some research and formed his own opinion as to what he felt would be best for his car and use. Naturally we want everyone to see the benefits our Pfadt products in particular but its great to see people making decisions this way! Not all products address every issue, and finding out which ones are important to you is a great way to go about it!

GQ4Life, it is our opinion that starting with the Rear Trailing Arms is a great idea. We have had many customers respond to us after installing our Pfadt arms that the wheel hop is gone. Others have had the same experience using our Rear Subframe Bushings. The Rear Subframe Bushings are a fantastic upgrade for many different reasons. But if your sole goal it to reduce wheel hop and have more controlled transfer of power to the ground, then trailing arms and diff bushings are where you want to start! Hope this helps guys!
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