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Originally Posted by SS Mike View Post
I want to see some pics of the CL65!!! I love that car! Funny story about that car. A couple years ago when I still had my last car (2000 SS 6-speed), I was cruising along with a friend in my car and a CL pulls up alongside and passes me. Well I started to speed up just to get a look at it and he speeds up to, fairly quickly. So I drop a couple gears and hit it. He's staying just ahead of me so I'm thinking I'm doin pretty good, then out of nowhere he literally is just gone! My jaw dropped, it was like he wasn't hitting it at all, when I was full throttle! So I get up to the light that he's stopped at, sure enough I see Biturbo on the side!! The guy looks at me and gives me a thumbs up, with his suit hanging in the back window (I thought that was cool). The light turns green and I launch and by the time I get across the crosswalk, he's passed the entire intersection!!! Love that car!

Sorry don't mean to get off topic, just thought I would share that. As far as the scratch on the OP's shouldn't cost more than a couple hundred dollars to fix. I don't know of any body shops in your area, but I would try having it polished out first. If that doesn't work then they might have to repaint that area or at least fill it. Good luck with the fix!

Guy did an awesome job on my car today and for much less than the body shop quote

CL65.. her she is ....

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