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Originally Posted by Captain McFunk View Post
Hey guys!

Well I just picked up my Camaro 2 days ago! I've already replaced the front and rear badges with some black vinyl to cover up the ugly gold! Not sure what I have planned for it just yet, but I do know that QTP cutouts are coming next! Here's some pics! I'm going to use this thread to track my progress, and all my updates will be here! Glad to jump on board, LOVE this car!

2010 Camaro 2SS/RS black/black A6 L99 sunroof, rear park assist.

4/24/10 QTP cutouts on
4/27/10 D1S 6000k HIDs on

5/7/2010 15% tint all around
5/7/2010 front side marker vinyled over with black vinyl (cannot see through )
5/7/2010 rear side marker vinyled over with black vinyl (cannot see through )

Say what??? I call my bowties honey because having a stock cutting edge car that does 12's and 185mph is soooo sweet to have! but as everything, to each his own. BTW cool car...
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