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You can get them to wetsand out the dirt under the clearcoat, your color is dark enough to hide the black marks "little pepper spots" it will leave.

Getting them to wetsand the gummed up clearcoat may open up a new ball of wax for you. It may do more damage them good. I would if it was my car go and talk to the service manager to see if it can be sanded down completly "trunk" and re clear-coated.

Dont hold your breathe, i work for the company and it took me 3 months or fighting tooth and nail to get them to FINALLY agree "took TWO gm reps, and a call to GM in-plant Brass to put pressure on this *unt of a service manger" so, good luck to you on that.

AND if they agree to re clear it, they will not warrenty the job either as they claim they cannot match the paint/clear as a stock paint job. SO you may end up just living with the clearcoat bug up.
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