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Take it to the best, Cavallino in Palo Alto. Custom car & exotic car specialists, factory trained Ferrari etc. etc.

Look you get what you pay for, a scratch guy can make a "spot" airbrush repair, first time you buff out the car or after a long hot summer the edge will start to show. Hell they make scratch remover in a bottle, only 9.95 and if you order now you get two. . .

Depending on how deep it is it just may polish out but the factory doesn't put much paint on so go to a true pro. To paint it properly the entire panel the scratch is on must be painted (so says all paint manufacturers and GM). So if it is a door or bumper that entire part needs to be re-painedt, to do it correctly where you will never have any problem with it. Also the panels trim must be removed, all of it!. So the cost can vary from a low of $300 (Bay Area) to over 2K depending on where the damage is.

This is a legit insurance loss so maybe you should file a claim? Why don't you drop by Cavallino and talk with Javier, or send me a PM when you want to come by and I will meet you. We can try a polish and/or I can make some recommendations. Advice is free. Just remember to do it right or brush touch & live with it for now, otherwise you will accelerate the paints deterioration and de-value the car.

IN conjunction with a Suspension seminar at Custom alignment & Pedders, we are planning a seminar at Cavallino, maybe we should demonstrate a proper refinishing technique, brush touch how to, etc. Sometime this July.
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