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Camaro police cars

Hi all.

I've been enviously watching the vids and looking at the pics of the C5Fest and I've noticed two Camaro police cars.

One looks like a concept car with the black and white cammo and emergency red and blues on the roof, is this a police concept car? Is it owned by private person or by GM or is it under evaluation as a police car replacement for the Charger police cars that some departments have? If owned by GM, is it safe to assume that GM officially took part in the Camaro fest / caravan / cruises or did they loan their concept police car to C5 members?

How do the laws work? In NZ, if you are not a sworn police officer you CAN NOT drive a car on public roads with operating red and blue emergency lights, is this not the case in the USA?

In regards to the red or orange Camaro with flashing strobes or LED's is this a real police car? If so, was the cop part of the cruise or did he just tag along when the whole bunch of Camaro's arrived?

Which departments issue Camaro's as police cars? In New Zealand our cop cars are all Holdens and are either marked with police markings and red and blues on the top or they are unmarked ghost cars with red and blue LEDs in the windscreen and tail lights but as far as I know, there are no privately owned cars used as police cars nor do the police get to choose their cars.

Are there any threads on this forum where I can find out more info on these police cars?

Sorry for all the questions

Thanks and Rgds
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