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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
I find the wide gap between the number of 2ss andd 1ss sold compared to the close game of the number of 2lt vs 1lt sold telling.

Seems like, the 1ss is almost a useless model to offer, because if someone is going to to get the V8 they might as well get the 2ss, because its absolutely illogical to spend the money on the SS and not get the full model.

Now compare that to the narrow gap between 2lt and 1lt. Looks like the 1LT owners didn't see the point of spending any more change, because they wanted to stay at a certain pricepoint. But combine the 2 numbers and you have almost 35% of the market being V6 Camaros.
i see what your saying but i see that a lot of guys on here want just the engine and nothing fancy, like no guages, no bluetooth, no leather, just an engine, body, a steering wheel and maybe... maybe.. maybe a radio lol
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