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Originally Posted by phily View Post
Wow that was beautiful. so with the headers now, you said no cats. If I purchased the same headers but then decide to go catback will the headers need to be replaced? And you also needed a tune right? I'm a little worried about tuning and warrenty but I have 6000 miles on my car with no problems as of yet. Oyyy. I need to hit the lotto :(
I have a little over 6,400 miles on my car. I work at an performance auto shop so I guess I'm not too worried about the warranty. You don't NEED a tune, but it would be better if you get one. Without the tune, your check engine light will come on (because two of the O2 sensors will no longer be needed so would need to be tuned out) and AFM sounds horrible when it kicks in. Also, you won't be getting the max performance out of the headers.

But I agree, I could use a lotto win too
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