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Hi everyone, I'm a sort of newcomer. My name is Ruby and I look a lot younger than I actually am.

My first 2010 Camaro (yes I'm on my second one due to a tragic accident involving me letting my friend drive my car and a person running a red light) was ordered from Courtesy Chevrolet around June 2009. I got it near the end of August 2009. She was Cyber Gray and a 1LT. By the way - lesson learned, don't let friends drive your car. Ever. That car was also vandalized 8 days after I got it. The battery also died randomly. I think that car was cursed. Seriously. RIP Cyber Gray 2010 Camaro.

Camaro #2 was bought at Fremont Chevrolet last month (April 2010). I got her within a couple of weeks of the accident. After the other one was totaled and had various "issues" I was hesitant to get another Camaro, but I couldn't really picture myself with any other car. I figured getting an upgrade and in another color would = new experiences. I'm really in love with this new one. Imperial Blue, 2LT. Never had a car with leather before, so it's pretty awesome. I don't have any super cool pictures of her yet since I just recently got it and haven't had much time.

I think I wrote too much. Oh well. I'm just excited to talk about my Camaro(s).
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