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Originally Posted by Atom View Post
It is great to see the car myself, and a number of others, pushed so hard for..... finally in the hands of the public.

You would never guess how many hours went into fretting over the look of those stripes, how many meetings took place to get them to wrap the edges of the vinyl between body panels, and how painful it was to lose the IP stripes at the very last minute.

Hope to see one drive by one day!


PS: Feel free to remove that TM sticker, we never wanted it there.
Boy I'm glad you mentioned removing that TM sticker. I was debating that one just today...

I always highlight how the stripes wrap over all the edges to everyone who looks at them. Absolutely a first rate job done on them.. Love the fact that they don't just stop at all the edges...

The instrument panels stripes were a MUST and really make the interior unique. Got mine done last week and that's the first thing noticed on the interior by all.
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