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A HELL of a nice guy, and a HELL of a car...came to my club, threw me the keys and said," Go ahead, try her out...I know your getting ready to supercharge yours...see what you think.." I mean, aside from his girl wanting to do some insider trading, LOL all was smoooooth...I cannot tell you enough how awesome Mike well as his beast of a car...My favor still stands, bro..just call me and I'll handle any issues

LOYALTY is everything, and Mike has that in spades. It was an HONOR and a privilege to meet you and the misses, and DRIVE your ride...forever indebted to you bro...SICK RICK

Mike's car gets up there, quick, like its NOTHING....wont say the speed...but she is straight. A BEAST.
Couldn't pry my head from the headrest....a real murder bucket. NICE F**KIN JOB...
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