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Originally Posted by stieger View Post

I posted a while ago about some problems I was having (brakes and transmission). I'm pretty fed up with Chevrolet's customer service and service dept. service. Honestly, I'm probably getting blown off cuz I'm still a kid. *to clarify for those who toss me into the 16 year first car group: I saved up for a car, I saw Eleanor, I bought her, I earned the right to drive her in my book* Digressing, as of April my car had been in the shop 22 out of the 30 days of the month. I'm easily over the 30 days out of service for lemon law. My brakes still squeak all the time (started keeping a log of when they act up per someone's suggestion), the car still lurches forward, and now the seats are squeaking. All of these problems get ignored by the dealer because they don't see them during the ride along and I'm not in the mood to leave my car at the dealer for a week so they can "look at it" all the while they won't give me a loaner because I'm not 25.

To the people who are probably going to respond with the really obvious answers to my problems. They've tried them, they have checked every TSB and done everyone that applies, still not fixed. That and while I was here looking up TSBs I came accross the battery cable recall. My car, A9111524, inside the affected VINs. No phonecall, no letter, not even a carrier pigeon as to let me know that my car was under recall. I had to tell the dealer about it, at which point he told me it wasn't really necessary.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just ...... frustrated, yea lets go with frustrated, with this whole situation. Again, sorry for the rant.

Very sorry to hear about your problems and your frustrations. I was in the same position as you once with a truck so I know exactly how you feel. That was why I started this thread; so people know how and where to go for help. The dealer isn't always your friend nor do they always have yours or GM's interests in mind. Did you escalate to the customer support number? Did you send me your case number and other info? [Sorry if you did and I am asking again!] I will forward on your information and do whatever I can to assist. If you haven't been called by GM customer service yet then that is definitely the next step. Once you have exhausted that option, then I would look into the lemon law. The customer service rep should actually also be able to help you with that if you decide to go that route.

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