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Well, crap! Car's in the shop.

I took it in for 3 issues:

1. Fish out the loose spoiler nuts that fell off and apply the LOCTITE that they were supposed to when I brought the car in for the TSB work back in Nov '09.
2. Replace the cover at the base of the driver's side windshield wiper that broke/fell off.
3. Look into why 2nd gear was so much more difficult to shift into than any other gear.

Took the tech for a test drive yesterday morning and explained what the shifter felt like going into 2nd. He hopped in to give it a shot and immediately managed to grind the gears going into 2nd.

"Yep, I'd say there's a problem here..." Well, duh!

He tried a second time but backed off the shift when he felt the resistance going into 2nd. He called the GM engineers yesterday to see if they could offer any assistance in figuring out the problem. Call was returned this morning....
  • Known issue with the V6-M6 transmission.
  • Problem is likely with the 1,2 syncro.
  • Pull transmission, tear down, inspect and replace parts as needed.
  • Out of commission until Monday at least, depending on parts availability.

Obviously, the delay in building the V6 M6 Camaros last spring didn't matter much, since they originally held up production for issues that people are still seeing.

Will update once they tear into the tranny and figure out what needs to be done.

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