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I've searched back a few pages but didn't see this -
Have a three or four extra swipes when using just the water spray for the wipers. As it stands, when I just want to wash the window, if I pull it to spray, I get one swipe. Then I have to hold it down to get it to swipe a few more times. My '00 Monte had that feature. Why it's not a standard thing going forward...I don't know
Also, my wife's '04 Malibu has the auto temperature controls...set the temp, that's it. Why not in the higher end Camaro? The cabin may be considered smaller, but the dual climate zone controls are also nice.
Finally, the heated seats in my Monte got really hot, which was nice during the New England winters. These seats do not seem to get as warm...

This stuff is mostly petty, so not a big deal...but this is what I would do, if I ran the zoo...
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