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Originally Posted by xl1200r View Post
...and by the way, just to show how pictures can play with the color...

Look at the first two photos in this thread of the '01 and the '69. They don't even appear to be same shade of orange. Infact, the car in the BRIGHTER lighting looks DARKER in the pictures. Same happens to IOM.
Ofcourse all of these colors will look different under different lighting. What you pointed out is precisely why I posted those two representations of Hugger orange on older model Camaro's so there would be no doubt that was the color being compared. Metallic color's look nice and IOM is a nice pleasing color. However to me at least it is more red in color than orange. If you ask a child what color they see when looking at the car, I guarantee you they will say red. Show them Hugger orange and they see orange.. I would like to see plain hugger orange or even metallic hugger orange as a color option on the camaro. In today's day and age, metallic hugger orange would be just fine and you get the best of both worlds as a mix between the old and the new..

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