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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

Two old guys are sitting on the front porch.
They have a dog with them and it's licking its balls.
One old guy says to the other "I wish I could do that" and the other old guy says "He'd biiite you"....

Kinda like PQ's wheels... Watch out GTA.
Yup. lmao

I got the meanest wheels out there. Wether or not they work or look good is another thing. lol

Originally Posted by CynAgain View Post

Originally Posted by zebra View Post
oh, come on, Chris... don't be a pansy!
slap on a nice blower cam & some long tubes already! your Maggie will thank you
your Pirellis... not so much
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Size:  322 Bytes I didn't think about that. lol

Chris, don't be burning my tires off.
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