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Texas Speed's 231/236 cam:
I picked this cam because frankly, I wanted the biggest cam I thought I could safely get away with, without having to deal with Piston To Valve clearance issues with my heads being milled. I, for one, do not mind a little cam surge, so I wanted big.. and this is the biggest I thought I could go at the time. I went with a 112 LSA, instead of the 111 LSA that this cam comes with for two reasons:
A) better response to the nitrous
B) to increase piston to valve clearance
It would also give me better driveability, but that didn't really matter to me. This being said, on to more about the cam. All I can say is WOW. The car is just putting around on a mail order tune right now and there is virtually NO cam surge. I have to literally try to make it surge, in order to get it. It literally drives almost like stock. It's actually too tame for my liking. haha. but at 4k+ rpms, this cam really throws you in the back of your seat. Even though I'd like something a little bigger, I would absolutely recommend this cam to someone.

West Coast Stage 2 L92's:
Anyone who knows anything about heads, knows who Rich is at West Coast Cylinder Heads. He is an absolute dream to work with. I would regularly call him and ask him various options and he would remember me by name each time. And I am by far, no one special. I was just a regular customer. I discussed several options with him on how to set up my heads. At first I thought about sinking the valves in the heads a bit, to let me mill the heads some more to bump up the compression. Rich highly advised against this. Telling me that sinking the valves really hurts head flow, and the bump in compression wouldn't make enough power to compensate for the hurt in the head flow. That being said, I got a set of bare Stage 2 L92's from Rich, that were milled .020". When I recieved them, I put the PRC EHT valve springs on them, as well as my factory LS3 valves. Of course, I wanted to reuse my factory valves, as they were lighter than the L92's and most of the aftermarkets. I know I wasn't going to be going serious enough with the motor to justify aftermarket valves, so I wanted to keep the valvetrain as light as possible. With the cam installed, I came out to .090" PTV clearance, using factory MLS head gaskets.

Kooks Headers/exhaust:
This was pretty much a brand loyalty choice here. I have cheaped out on headers before, and it always kicked me in the behind. I eventually ended up with kooks headers on my previous camaro. So this time around, I figured I would do it right the first time. and when I saw that Kooks made a cat back system, I was sold before I even heard a sound clip. I was already familiar with kooks' quality/fit/qc. And the fact that it came in a 3" just sweetened the deal. I opted not to get cats, and tuned the back oxygen sensors out. I, for one, did not care for 1 3/4 headers even on my LS1, let alone on this car, so the choice was easy, and I went with 1 7/8. When I first installed the entire exhaust system on the car, I was very surprised by how docile it was at idle. It was barely louder than stock! but whenever I got on it, it came to life. That is perfect for me. I have had loud cars before, and it was fun, but now I try to get a more refined sound. After I put the heads and cam on though, the quiet idle went away. lol.

Richmond 4.10 gears:
OK, by far, best mod done to the car. If you are even remotely thinking of getting gears, get 4.10's NOW. This car should have come with the option of 4.10's. Highway crusing speeds of 70 mph put me at 2000 rpms. Funny part is, before at that speed, I would get some exhaust drone. Now that it is at a higher rpm, the drone is gone! It's actually more quiet on the highway with the gears! When I initially took the car out to check for gear whine (which by the way, there is NONE... it sounds stock), I accidently broke the tires loose twice with traction control on. The car gets in its powerband so much faster now and it's so much more fun to drive. This should be one of the first mods done to these cars. If I was going to stretch these mods over a period of time (and not within a month, like I did. lol), gears would of been one of the firsts.... right after headers and cai.

Vanity Plate:

I'm a dork and I wanted one. I'm even writing a review for a license plate... that's right. I went and tried to get "itsslow" but it was already taken. So I replaced the "o" with a "0". Problem solved! So there an option for anyone else trying to get a vanity plate and someone has taken what they wanted. My first choice was "BAMF SS" but I guess they thought that was too vulgar, because it was available

Window Tint:

I got 20% all the way around on my car. Solar Gard Smoke Plus to be exact. Doubled up with the factory tint, my windows registered 12%. I have yet to get pulled over. This is a MUST for black cars. It makes the car looks so much better.

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