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I took it to the track once, just for shits and giggles right after the heads/cam install. The tune was and still is not on. It still backfires a lot (not your typical ls1 crackle, an actual backfire), it's running rich, and it still dies every so often at idle. It still had some torque managment in the tune, and I believe that was messing me up. I couldn't get it to launch to save my life. lol. 2500 rpm launch, it would bog the living day lights out of the car. 3000 rpm launch, it would blow the tires off. And then shifting into 2nd gear, it would break the tires loose bad and bounce off the rev limiter quite a few times. then i would only go through the traps in 3rd gear. lol. All ricer excuses aside, it ran a DA correct 12.1 @ 118 with a (hides head in shame) 2.6 60' (on motor). That was the 2500 launch run and it was bogging bad (nose was falling down bad, to the point that it looked like it was going to stall). I'm getting some z06 wheels to hold me over for awhile. I am anxiously awaiting spohn's new rear lower control arm that they claim will allow clearance for a 15" drag wheel (they claimed it wasn't any fancy wheel either, just a plain jane weld racing). So I will hold off with buying bogarts until that comes out, as I would much rather run a 15" hoosier qtp, than any of the 17" tire options.

I might go this week to go play around with the new mods (since then I have got gears, underdrive pulley, ported throttle body, new street tires, differential bushings, and it's getting dyno tuned this wednesday). I know it won't run what I want/think it will run, but it will still be fun, and that's the main goal of the car.... well that and to mop the floor with boostedyards86's camaro

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