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I figure it'd be polite to keep you all up to date with what's going on considering how much help you all have been.

Dropped Eleanor off at the dealers yesterday morning for a couple things:
1) the brakes squeaking/squealing

2) I am missing the trunk release handle thing, last time it was at the dealers they lost it/broke it/took it off (the one inside the trunk so if you ever get kidnapped and thrown in your own car you can get out)

3) for some reason the rearview mirror is coming loose all the time, not a big deal though
4) the lurching forward when going from P to D

5) and finally a weird squeaking noise from the drivers seat.

The service rep told me that because it was the weekend they only have 4 techs on duty so I may not be getting the car back by Monday. Which was fine. I called today because I remembered something I wanted them to look at, after some chit chat the tech tells me that I'll probably/hopefully be getting my car back sometime late this week (he said Thursday ish). Which was not fine, but I understand that they're busy and I want them to take their time so it was ok. My guesstamation of what'll happen ----> come thursday they'll tell me that they didn't hear the brakes squeak and the lurching forward is normal. Upside, we tightened your mirror and looked at the seat. I'll be sure to keep you all updated with whatever info I get.
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