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Originally Posted by eckerj View Post
Hi Everyone,

I've been wanting to keep the thread updated for a week now.

I had been having trouble with my speedometer sticking, and
was on the phone with GM as well as talking with the dealer.
I was told by all parties that the problem didn't exist until
it could be verified by someone other than myself.

It had stuck a total of three times, and on the fourth time, I was able
to bring it to the dealership, grab a service guy by the collar, and
simply point to the speedo which was stuck at 60mph.

Finally, they acknowledged the problem and agreed to fix it.

I scheduled this service as well as a PDIM software update, the HVAC
reprogram, and investigation into an air conditioning rattle.
All but the rattle was taken care of on a Saturday (reasonable time
considering all that was to be fixed, dropped off at 9am and picked up
at 3pm)

Though I am happy that they fixed my speedo problem, I'll be forever
weary of dealing with GM and intermittent (yet serious) problems
like a speedometer sticking.

As far as the rattle goes, I didn't give them a 100% complete description
of the problem, and they tried to identify the rattle by putting the fan
on 100%, when it is most prevalent at 50%. Oh well, I'll live with it until
I can bring it in and bring a service engineer for a quick spin.

Thanks to camaropete and others who have tried to help the process


Thanks so much for posting the update. Sorry that it took all that it did to get the sticking speedo taken care of finally. Hopefully you will get many many years of enjoyment out of the car and all of this will be a distant memory.

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