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Mindz' 2010 Supercharged SS detailed (pic heavy, no 56k)

Jay (Mindz) and I have been talking about doing a nice detail on his 2010 SS even before he took delivery. It took a little while to get our schedules together since he works nights but I got him a loaner car while I was working on his beautiful Camaro to make things easier for him. With the recent paintwork on the hood, trunk, and fender, there were some holograms left behind by the body shop. Took out the holograms and majority of the swirls in the paint. Followed it up with multiple coats of Zaino and sealed the wheels with Optimum Opti-Seal for protection. Onto the pics...

Upon delivery of the car...

Foam bath before wash..

After stripping the old wax the holograms and swirls were more easily spotted.

Under the halogens

Some more swirls under my LED lights

50/50 shot. You can see the color difference on the uncorrected side.


Out in the sun after a few IPA wipedowns to ensure there was no filling of fine swirls by the oils in the polishes.

Finished shots in the garage

The beast lurking under the custom RK Sport CF hood..

I thought I'd throw in some water beading shots. After my detailing, the water should bead like this. If your paint doesn't do this, its time for some detailing.

Thanks for lookin!!
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