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Originally Posted by paul2010 View Post
Under normal conditions at 80-85 mph I am getting 23 mpg on hwy. Driving through town I am at around 16 mpg. I am around 13 lbs of boost with a 2.75 pulley and I also have 3.70 rear gears. I truly believe that my mpg have improved with the maggie with normal driving habits. Of course when I am on the gas hard then there is nothing economical about it. You can't beat the looks of the maggie.
I'm jealous. I have the Kenne Bell on my L99 and try as I might, I cannot break 20.5 mpg on the fwy. Not even close. I'm usually at 18-19 mpg. And that's even going 70 mph with not allowing the tach to go beyond 2000 rpms. If I go 80 mph at like 2050 rpms, that drops to 17.5-18 mpg. City driving I'm the same as you.

What am I doing wrong?
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