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Tough times delay the Camaro Convertible

Tough times delay the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible…again

General Motors isn’t in the greatest of financial situations right now, which has forced the Detroit automaker to push back some of its new car introductions. Because GM has already delayed some very important vehicle launches – such as the new Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Cruze – it comes as no surprise that GM will also wait to launch some of its niche market vehicles.

According to Motor Trend, the economic slowdown has forced GM to delay the introduction of its Camaro Convertible. Earlier this year it was reported that the Camaro Convertible would be delayed by six months, but it looks as though that delay has been extended to at least 12 months, if not longer.

The drop-top version of the revived muscle car was originally slated to hit the market about a year after its fixed-roof counterpart – sometime in the first part of 2010 – but those plans have been put on hold indefinitely.

The Camaro Convertible program hasn’t been completely cancelled like Chrysler’s aborted Challenger Convertible, but the open air car is certainly on life support at this point. GM has vowed only to move forward with the Camaro Convertible after its financial situation has improved, which means we likely won’t see the Camaro Convertible until at least 2011.

Looks like Ford’s Mustang will still have part of the pony car segment on lock down after all
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