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Future Camaro to receive upgraded interior as GM determined to improve interiors?

As we reported recently, a GM insider confirmed for us that the company is hard at work now on a substantially reworked interior for the Camaro that will appear for the 2012 model year. Could that model year's interior or the interior in subsequent model year Camaros mean an overall upgraded quality interior (and not just design changes)?

If this interview by Insideline with GM's Karl Stracke, vice president of global engineering, is any indication, future Camaros certainly could potentially receive upgraded quality interiors.

Inside Line met with GM's Karl Stracke, who took over as the vice president of global engineering when Mark Reuss left to preside over GM North America. During the discussion, Stracke admitted that although General Motors has made progress on the interior quality front, it hasn't come far enough.

"We're not yet at Audi quality," he said. "I want to be at Audi quality. Audi is the benchmark for interiors."

Stracke continued, "I've driven the Corvette Grand Sport and I like it a lot, but the interior is not convincing."

Stracke, an engineer by training, has 30 years of experience at GM -- all on the European side. He's responsible for the design of a great many Opels, and he oversaw the engineering of the last-gen Saab 9-3.

He told us that under the new GM regime, he and his engineering team are able to put greater priority on checking out competitors' cars. Specifically, he and other top engineering executives reserve every Friday for driving cars on the proving grounds. Encouraging news to say the least.
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