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There could be a silver lining to this cloud. Think about the convertible will not be coming up in the next year or two to "freshen up" the line....maybe you will see a Z28 sooner.

Its a lot cheaper to retool for switching to an optional engine and a few suspension parts than it is to retool for all the different/top/interior/body components that would require crash test certification as well as big design and production costs.

Almost had a 2SS/RS, IOM, orange accent interior, 6 speed manual, sunroof & polished wheels

ordered 01/19/07
3000 - 2/27/09
3400 - 3/27/09
3800 - 4/17/09 (built and lost in the vortex)
ship date ??????? (I gave up and got a GT500)
5/11/09 - order cancelled
5/27/09 - vehicle arrived at dealership for whoever bought it after me
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